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Pet Dreams Prosucts

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Classic Crate Covers

Pet Dreams Crate Covers provide your dog a stylish den environment. Veterinarian's & trainers recommend covering crates to reduce barking & stress.
  • Open front Covers provides proper ventilation and a view
  • Crate Covers Reduce Barking and Stress
  • 100% Wash and Dry
To determine the correct size simply measure the length of the crate from front to back. Our unique pattern accommodates the small variances in crate dimensions.

Classic Double Door Cratewear Set

Cratewear is the original and only complete 3 piece dog crate bed set! Our decorative crate covers, crate pads and bedding turn your ordinary metal dog crate into a cozy room.
  1. Stylish crate bed covers reduce barking and stress.
  2. Bumpers protect your pup the same way they protect a baby in a crib.
  3. The soft, comfy crate pad is reversible for longer use and half the laundring.
The Cratewear dog bedding set gives you the style you want and the comfort your pet so very deserves, all at an affordable price.


Much more than a crate bed, sleep-eez was exclusively designed to be used everywhere your pet sleeps. And we mean everywhere: these light weight dog beds are inexpensive, easy to travel with, & cozier than a dog blanket or ordinary dog mat!
  • A classic, all season bed: cotton on one side will keep your dog cool in the summer and sherpa on the reverse side provides warmth in the winter
  • Makes for a great crate pad and mat
  • Made for repeated washings- guaranteed! We don't call these the best dog beds for nothing!
  • Affordable dog bed that is perfect in the crate, kennel, or car


Superior Quality for Exceptional Comfort!
  • Memory foam molds to body heat & weight, relieving pressure points & improving circulation: recommended for older dogs, large dogs & arthritic dogs.
  • Ultra Bliss memory foam dog beds are clinically proven to provide greater support for your dog than egg crate foam & are filled with 100% eco-friendly memory foam clusters.
  • Memory foam clusters makes this bed affordable.
  • High quality pet bed cover is machine washable.
Note: This product is compressed for shipping. Please see care instructions in the product details below.

Classic, Replacement Pet Bed Covers

The ideal dog bed cover that makes for a great, inexpensive replacement!  One of our best selling items our high quality, comfortable dog bed covers are sure to jazz up any room!
  1. Easily use to cover your old dog bed or fill with any supportive material.
  2. Quickly and easily change up your dog bedding to set a different mood or match that new, exciting piece of furniture that just arrived!
  3. 100% washable: cover easily zips off and slips back on in a snap.
  4. Wide assortment of sizes for dogs large and small that fit over our waterproof bed covers.
  5. Fits the Ortho Bliss memory foam dog bed.


The same great quality as our classic sleepeez dog bed but in a designer leopard color! The ideal dog bed that is much more than an ordinary dog mat or crate bed -they are meant to be used everywhere your pooch chooses to sleep!
  • Use throughout the year: cotton on one side will keep your dog cool in the summer and sherpa on the reverse side provides warmth in the winter warmth.
  • Wash and dry as often as you wish!
  • Use as a crate pad or any type of dog mat.
  • An affordable dog bed that is perfect on the floor, crate, kennel, sofa or car.  Comfort, design and safety that is only cheap in price.

Midwest Dog Crates

Dog crates & kennels provide your pet with a safe and secure place to call their own. The fold and carry feature makes this Midwest dog crate easy to set up and breakdown:
  • High quality dog kennel & crate provides a high level of safety when traveling at an affordable price that won't break the bank
  • Did you know dog crates are not just for training -make it comfortable with our exclusive line of Cratewear dog bedding!
  • All Midwest dog crates include a free divider panel for training
  • All of our crates are Midwest Life Stages except for the X-Small which is an icrate

Plush Dog Bed Cover | Replacement Bed Cover

Sure to win over the pickiest of pooches, our plush line of designer dog bed covers offer quality, affordability and design!  Best yet, shop confidently with our 100% return guarantee!
  • Use to cover your tired dog bed or fill yourself
  • Lets you cheaply & easily change things up anytime and add a bit of design to any room!
  • Makes for a great, inexpensive replacement dog bed cover
  • Machine wash and dry at any time for added convenience
  • Zips off and slips back on in a snap
  • Plush dog bed covers fit the Ortho-Bliss memory foam dog bed & our waterproof covers

Plush Donut Style BUMPER Dog Beds

We love how versatile and practical this dog bed is! The structured design of the bumpers provides support for your dog with a clean chic look. The rectangle shape will fit easily in any room. The center pad is our best-selling Sleep-eez crate pad. One is never enough. Once you try them you'll love that they are
  • 100% Wash & Dry
  • Portable - leave the bed at home, take the pad anywhere
  • Fits Crates and Kennels
  • Protects Sofa - you don’t need to cover the whole sofa
  • Reversible - 2 layers of fill compared to single layer with most non-reversible pads
  • Additional pads available in 9 colors to mix and match
Your dog will absolutely love cuddling up to the bumpers. The ultra-plush cover, bumpers and pad are removable for washing. See below for more details.

Plush Double Door Cratewear Set

Our Cratewear is the original 3-piece plush dog crate bedding set! The decorative crate covers and crate bedding turn your ordinary, dull, boring metal dog crate into a cozy room that's safe and secure for your pup. This complete set includes:
  1. Stylish crate cover to reduce barking and stress while adding to your decor
  2. Plush bed bumpers that protect your pup the same way they protect a baby in a crib
  3. A crate pad/bed that is 100% washable and reversible for longer use and half the laundering.


Much more than an ordinary crate bed or mat, this plush sleep-eez dog bed is meant to be used everywhere your dog sleeps! And we mean everywhere -protect your pet's favorite sofa or chair or use in your car! These light weight, affordable dog beds are easy to travel with and much cozier than ordinary blankets & mats.
  • 100% washable. In fact, it's guaranteed for repeated washings!
  • Fully reversible & available in many different sizes and designer colors.
  • Inexpensive: makes for a great replacement bed.
  • Designed to use everywhere your pets sleeps: floor, crate, kennel, sofa, car, etc.


The highest quality, eco-friendly orthopedic memory foam dog beds at an affordable price!
  • Exclusive memory foam cell structure molds to your dog's body heat and weight, relieving painful pressure points and improving circulation.
  • Memory foam is clinically proven to provide greater support than egg crate foam
  • Filled with 100% eco-friendly orthopedic memory foam clusters
  • Recommended by veterinarians for older dogs, large dogs and arthritic dogs
  • The plush, decorative cover is 100% machine washable for convenience. 
Note: This product is compressed for shipping. Please see care instructions in the product details below.